Korg N264


Korg N264


The Korg N264 synthesizer is an excellent workstation. It has 8 Mb waveform memory, containing 430 multisounds and 215 drum sounds, which is enough to make some incredible sounds using AI2 synthesis system. The N264 also has a built-in sequencer (I don't use it though, because I like Cakewalk), which can record 32.000 events. Every sound can be extended with 2 out of 47 digital effects.

The keyboard contains 76 velocity and aftertouch esensitive notes. Some instruments make a perfect use of the aftertouch sensitivity (like a great wah-wah guitar)

The Korg contains a grand total of 200 ROM combinations, 200 ROM programs, 128 GM programs, 8 drum programs. You can easily make your own sounds using space for 200 RAM programs and combinations.

Add to this the 16-part multitimbrality and the 64 voice polyphony and you understand why I like this synth.