Korg N264


Welcome to the MoonSynth homepage.

My name is Sander Zuidema. I'm 19 years old and living in the Netherlands. In 1990, I joined a MSX group called Flying Bytes. In this group I became the musician, making music with Fac Soundtracker and Moonblaster, using the FM-PAC (OPLL) and Music Module (OPL-1 with samplechip). My music was used in a megademo (MEG), two musicdisks (Bananenvla and Move the House), and in  "Not Again!", a great break-out clone.

In 1992 I'd already bought a Roland JV-30 synthesizer, but I did not make very much music on it. In 1998, I decided to buy a Korg N264, because I needed a bigger keyboard, and really liked the Korg sound (except for the piano's).

Some musics I've made on this synthesizer are available for download on this homepage. If you like them, please let me know by sending an e-mail ( or by signing my guestbook.

Download free mp3 files here!

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