Korg N264


Because the music takes a lot of space, you can find my music at The direct link to my page is\moonsynth. All you will find here are extended descriptions of the songs. Korg users can mail me if they want the .SNG or .MID files

Not Again! - Main menu

This song is used in the main menu of the game "Not Again!" I think it's a really nice background tune. I didn't change very much on the Korg version, because I thought the song was good enough already.


This song was made by me when Konami announced they wouldn't make any games for the MSX system anymore. I decided to make a mix of the best and most famous songs they'd made on MSX. When it was finished, I sent it in to Sunrise Magazine (because we had no use for it at Flying Bytes) and it was placed on one of the magazines. One of the readers must have liked it a lot, because a while later I found a conversion to MIDI of it on the Internet. Nowadays, it's found at many MIDI and MSX sites. My name isn't mentioned anywhere however :( Because I thought a PC/MIDI version of this song could be much, much better than the direct conversion to MIDI, I totally re-sequenced the song and used a lot of Korg's full instruments. With a stunning result.


When I'd bought my synth, I had to try a lot of things in the sequencer. This song is one of the try-outs (a little bit extended though). I made the bassline playing Metal Gear 2 on the MSX (I think this song could be used in such a game). The song is totally different of the rest of my songs, but I still like it.

Not Again! - Introdemo

Not Again! was the biggest Flying Bytes production ever. We worked on it with several graphical artists, 3 music composer and 1 excellent coder. Because I knew there was already a song ready for the introdemo, I made a song meant for the end-demo. We all liked the song very much, and thought that everybody should be able to hear it, so we put it in the introdemo. The ending of this song is totally different from the original version.

Final Future

The Final Future was the last project I worked on at Flying Bytes. We never finished this game, but there were some excellent graphics by Arno Dekker, and I'd already made 8 or 9 songs. This is the best of them (meant for the introdemo). I especially like the overwhelming ending with fat distortion guitars (like only Korg can make them).